The school has a profound belief that an all round personality and the grooming of the students, is the core function of the school. It is the learning, with a mix of curricular and co- curricular activities which reaches beyond the classroom teaching processes. To enhance the teaching and learning process, the emphasis is more on the child inspired learning than the child centred learning.
The whole effort is focused and directed, on improving the learning environment in the school and to bridge the disparity gap amongst the students, as the formative years in the school play an important role in shaping one’s life and career. The school believes that the healthy growth of the students with a positive approach, positive attitude and intellectually sound minds is more important than the normative approach towards life.


  • To provide an environment where a child will be developed physically and mentally, thus resulting into an all round personality.
  • To provide excellent support at pre nursery level so that children have a good foundation at the level of higher classes.
  • With world turning into a global village, the school aims to prepare the child for being a strong and committed member of future society.
  • To Develop children into human being which have reverence for the Indian art & culture and ethos of the Indian Society..